empty fountain pen

I hate to write this down
Not for the fact that we’ve met
But for the reason
I feel glee in this god damn mid summer season

And I thought how hard can it be?
To patch into your homespun T, your frugal being
What else would someone need?
I really do not know
Maybe you could have made me see

Predator eyes
What a disgusting sight
I just wanted to have some strawberry ice
With you and maybe a lovely time
My lips sealed with nickel and dime
With you and maybe a lovely time

When you will never read this
I want at least the universe not to miss
That I wrote something genuine about an empty fountain pen


If I can’t be your servant
We’ll forever be chasing serpents

Unintelligable, I rather loathe six feet under
Going down your throat, living in your bowel
Then have my skull cracked asunder
Have your skin as a towel
For my tears to be the rain to your thunder

If I can’t be your servant
We’ll forever be chasing serpents

I know how it all came to be
A self fulfilling prophecy
When we first met I told you
„There will be a hug that breaks our necks“
Good riddance, the ticking distance
Is all it came to be

If I can’t be your servant
I’ll rather be inadvertant
The most zealous of serpents
The most zealous of serpents

They won’t have our pumpguns

We’re the dreaming kids
Of mutual bites and bits
Our purgatory is the urban fringe
Where our conscience can’t be singed
Only our minds stay in clinch with our sins

Where to go?
If home is a whole?
What to do?
If you can’t pursue?
The world is what passed me through and through

Take note
This bullshit ain’t makes you a better person
It just prevents you from becoming a lich
Under the hands of Sokrates, every thought seems out of place

We’re lost in paradise
Evenfall has tricked our senses
We’re lost in paradise
For breakfast we eat our cancers, relentless
We’re lost in paradise

I’ve lost touch with reality
And the truth is I don’t believe in morality
Nothing is true, everything is allowed
I exist to doubt

Born in sin
I gave up diggin for wonders under this tender Skin
Everything is nothing, but nothing isn’t everything

God only left a tired grin

Symphony of Agriope

Once upon a time
I found a tiny light
Gracefull touch to a lonely kind
Unknown I was bound to a failed attempt of life
I tried to forgive, a young soul embracing the depth
A closet full of skeletons, an incosistent mass

Oh dear I tried my best
Please believe me I tried my best

Giving my nights, my prays and my days
I couldn’t find a way to heal your ache
It hurts to see the maze
Around your heartshaped case
But I couldn’t find a way to heal your ache

How dare I fail to the promises we’ve made?

So I let you run away
In hope you might find your place
A better one
Far from the maze, engufling your heartshaped case

And I know you are suffering in the distance
The nymph sing your symphony in the tree
What is wrong, what is right?
Maybe there was no perfect way to find

But I do not assume to exchange your piece of heart with another kind
You have your place in mine
You have your place in mine

Surrounded by overfloating islands,
Fear shrinked mountains into silence