They won’t have our pumpguns

We’re the dreaming kids
Of mutual bites and bits
Our purgatory is the urban fringe
Where our conscience can’t be singed
Only our minds stay in clinch with our sins

Where to go?
If home is a whole?
What to do?
If you can’t pursue?
The world is what passed me through and through

Take note
This bullshit ain’t makes you a better person
It just prevents you from becoming a lich
Under the hands of Sokrates, every thought seems out of place

We’re lost in paradise
Evenfall has tricked our senses
We’re lost in paradise
For breakfast we eat our cancers, relentless
We’re lost in paradise

I’ve lost touch with reality
And the truth is I don’t believe in morality
Nothing is true, everything is allowed
I exist to doubt

Born in sin
I gave up diggin for wonders under this tender Skin
Everything is nothing, but nothing isn’t everything

God only left a tired grin

Sweet Jesus

For whom I live you ask?
I wish I could, I wish I would be the vast
For whom I live you ask?
I wish I could, I wish you wouldn’t ask
For whom I live you ask?
I’m not a servant, I’m the task

I’m not alive, I’m just patroling the sideline

I see us beeing brothers in another time
Maybe when our condition will sublime
We become a tapestry of undone crimes