the waters surface

Captivated by ripples in the water
Softly wind is molding my skin
Dancing trees share their bearing
With every breathing kin

Swirls in the water
Enchanted by the wind
Make me dizzy dizzy, like running along giant fingerprints
My head is singing along with orchestral leafy canopys
Pebbels hugging the earth the earth yea the earth beneath my feet

If I slip now I might shatter
Spread out falling back, in and on to the ground

[I hope you still call it teenage angst when you’re 25
So I can feel young, naive and contrived]
Crawling back into the womb I found myself and everyone else
The man I want to be but I’d rather not
‚cause I might trip neck deep into knot (knot after knot?)

It’s the waters surface calling me in
You’re late boy
We’re sinking to the lowest low
You’ll feel quiet at home

The shame is creeping up
Piercing like hot needles through my brain
Sterilizing bit by bit as fish is caught by the crane