The inertial reference frame

This time I’m pointing a gun to my head
I won’t whisper, I speak out loud
I’m the harlequin, if you are Faust

You are the insane

Being different, to be the same
Questioning an inertial reference frame

The sick infected you with a cheap trick
Demand determines supply
Rather your misery makes the price
Lucky us, choosing between the rat and mice
Go ahead, go ahead
I’m the next in the nigh
To be in the same spot
I’m sure you’ll find a stain on every white knight
Under ultraviolet light

I’m sick and not accepting it
I’m sick and not accepting it
Yeah this shit is obituary
For dead dreams and beliefs

Dormin (Anti-Conclusion)

Disfigured bodys wrestling with disfigured thoughts
Skulls turning backwards, when they hear „reward“
Embedded dogmata reflect, them civilized bourgois

You wear velvet gloves, only to please yourself
And enlighten the Dunkelheit only to blind someone else
The army of twelve, persists of 11 monkeys and the owner of the holy belt
Chastity only affects your empathy
Chastity only affects your empathy

Benefit defeats the fear
If you’re the hunter and not the deer
Abortion makes the heart grow fonder
We became colossi anticapating Wander
Leave the dead where they’re left
Leave the dead where they’re left
Embedded dogmata reflect,
Them civilized bourgois

Leave the dead where they’re left

They won’t have our pumpguns

We’re the dreaming kids
Of mutual bites and bits
Our purgatory is the urban fringe
Where our conscience can’t be singed
Only our minds stay in clinch with our sins

Where to go?
If home is a whole?
What to do?
If you can’t pursue?
The world is what passed me through and through

Take note
This bullshit ain’t makes you a better person
It just prevents you from becoming a lich
Under the hands of Sokrates, every thought seems out of place

We’re lost in paradise
Evenfall has tricked our senses
We’re lost in paradise
For breakfast we eat our cancers, relentless
We’re lost in paradise

I’ve lost touch with reality
And the truth is I don’t believe in morality
Nothing is true, everything is allowed
I exist to doubt

Born in sin
I gave up diggin for wonders under this tender Skin
Everything is nothing, but nothing isn’t everything

God only left a tired grin