Oh I make my atonement

Here and now

Please stay a bit longer

I’ve so much left to say, before you go

I thought we’d met in the middle of the path

At least before, before we forget, steady but slow

Please recognize and forget, at least for a moment, our past


We head back to the peak

Strangers in the mist

Lonely minds under siege

We are friends, loved ones, family

Casting stones into the breach

The burden of forgiveness breaks the siege


Alll this bulllshit we’ve been through

I’d never stopped thinking about you

I’d never stopped thinking about you

I’m sorry

Words fail me

In this moment of revalation

This is how I really feel

I’d never wanted to hurt you

I hope you know


Oh I make my atonement

Here and now

This is my odyssey, without return

All of the wooden hearts I’ve burned

Missing you is all I could earn

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