Symphony of Agriope

Once upon a time
I found a tiny light
Gracefull touch to a lonely kind
Unknown I was bound to a failed attempt of life
I tried to forgive, a young soul embracing the depth
A closet full of skeletons, an incosistent mass

Oh dear I tried my best
Please believe me I tried my best

Giving my nights, my prays and my days
I couldn’t find a way to heal your ache
It hurts to see the maze
Around your heartshaped case
But I couldn’t find a way to heal your ache

How dare I fail to the promises we’ve made?

So I let you run away
In hope you might find your place
A better one
Far from the maze, engufling your heartshaped case

And I know you are suffering in the distance
The nymph sing your symphony in the tree
What is wrong, what is right?
Maybe there was no perfect way to find

But I do not assume to exchange your piece of heart with another kind
You have your place in mine
You have your place in mine

Surrounded by overfloating islands,
Fear shrinked mountains into silence

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