I dress in a black veil

Though I thought I was already over it

Wasted all of my words on this

But the holes in my hands won’t heal

The sunset has vanished the devils deal


There are no chosen ones

I only see the sick and the broken

The roaming sisters and sons

Of dead rulers, exploited but unspoken

The damage is done


Together dancing arround shining idols

Idols that wink

Idols we want to become

Idols that warn you to blink

Idols united as one and none


Let us sing together

Of waves that consume us

Of the blood we’ve been drinking

Untill we’re one and none

Untill we are sinking in together


What shall be forgiven when the deeds are gone and the white flaggs risen?

We have no answers

Just the prisons

We have no answers

Just the prisons