Ganesh (Lord of Hindrance)

Oh headless child
Made from the river of life
You’ve paid the highest price
To protect the one you love

Born without demand
You feel no desire to ask why
You feel no desire to deny
Your place is here in front of the gates
Where your head will role

Your destiny is set in stone

But I’m not made by the river of life
I’m raised by a tumbling world
I’m a gear without an engineer
These are the words the world should fear
My destiny is not clear
I will ask why
I will try

I will defy

When the tears of sol will warm my face
Is the right time to close my eyes
I’ll know my place is right
Till then life is a challange, of build and break
The decision is mine
Build or break

A destroyed awarness of my life that was meant to sleep in the hands of ganesh
But the words that rise from my shattered mind have touched existence beneath the exposing flesh
We have overcome you ganesh
We have overcome you ganesh

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