Corpus Hypercubus

I’m a man of sleek hands

Born from a tumbling mother, without demand

Without a brother or a father I had to withstand


You have to stand on your own son

I love you, but I can’t provide the life you’d deserve

When I’m older you should be my bridle sun

In exchange I give you my life undone


But this is not my path

You left your expectations in the wrong hands

You are on your own at last

You have chosen the wrong men

To overcome your past


And as we share the same fate

Alone on our own

The seed you spread on me slowly begins to sproud

The hatred of a lifetime

In a childs mind

Destroying every relationship he will face and fear

Like a clumsy hunter, he will scare off the innocent deer


And now I feel the regret you should feel

How could you born and raise me

Without prospects

A horrible man

Born without demand




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