Rusted Ropes

Sleepless I’m searching for words

A common man, dense by the light that hurts

Neither will reality be the sand in my hand

Nor will the mother embrace me

In the shadow where I stand


A bonfire inside me

To grow distance more likely

Distance from everything I’d like to be


But foul words escape from my unbridled tongue

As I’m waiting to emerge

Out of my hollow condition


Father as you made me

All of you didn’t realized how this future was going to be

We need to rebuild, replace the faith of ancient ghosts

But so many play their role, while strong shoulders stay cold

So many play their role, whille strong shoulders still stay cold


I’d like to reach a symbol

Still I’m sleepless, waiting to arrive

Like all of us for something uncompromising divine

Keen we’re watching, the happpening of nothing


The answer is to do without

The answer is to do without

In a life filled with gold and doubts

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